Devamplify Hub

The hub is a conducive co-working space and tech event centre in Awka for developers and members of the Devamplify community.

What You Get

Join the largest cluster of tech enthusiasts, founders and innovators east of the Niger. Here's what you get!
Coworking Space
Meeting Room
Shared Kitchen
Constant Power
Fast Internet
Conducive Environment

Great Facility

Connect with like-minded technopreneurs and find great interactivity in our fun-filled and lively community of developers.

Awesome Community

Connect and leverage other developers to accelerate your growth.


Connect with other developers and tech enthusiast and watch your career or startup grow. Access funds and mentorship you need to accelerate your growth.

Virtual Membership


Join the only cluster of developers and tech enthusiasts in the eastern part of Nigeria. This gives you access to meet other developers online on our Slack channel. Gives you access to use the shared office space on open hub days (every Saturday) and notifications for events.

Basic Membership


Reserve a space in our shared office workspace.
- Physical Workspace.
- 11 hours access every work day.
- Access to Kitchen.
- Internet Access.
- Team Discount.
- Monthly Payment Plan (optional)

Diamond Membership


Have your business meetings in our meeting room
- Access to Meeting Room.
- Physical Workspace.
- 11 hours access every work day.
- Access Kitchen.
- Access Internet.
- Team Discount.